Sheet Metal CNC Laser Cutting

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

At Metlink we use state-of-the-art CNC Laser Cutting equipment to quickly and efficiently cut sheet metal as large as 3000mm x 1500mm. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Laser Cutting is an extremely fast and precise method of processing sheet metal, and eliminates the need for expensive tooling. We also use advanced nesting software to ensure that shapes are cut with a minimum of wasted materials, which saves both time and money.

We provide custom laser cutting for one-off projects or batch orders and deliver cost-competitive, high quality laser cut parts consistently and to our customers’ exacting technical requirements. We work with ferrous and non-ferrous metals and are able to cut up to 6mm in Stainless steel, 4mm in aluminium and up to 15mm in mild steel.

How Metlink can help you

With software import capabilities from DXF & DWG files, CAD designs quickly become finished parts as our software driven CNC Laser Cutting equipment quickly and efficiently process them, leaving minimal waste.

Metlink’s ability to cut thinner gauge material increases the high level of intricacy and accuracy when delivering precision Laser cutting in the manufacture of small, through to large part orders – all made from flat sheet metal.

Our skilled metal fabricators process custom sheet-metal jobs quickly and accurately with a high quality outcome.  We are able to produce apertures and intricate pieces to a very high degree of accuracy and finished parts and components with smoother surface detail with clean square edges that are practically burr-free across holes and edges; while generating less material waste than conventional stamping processes.

Our laser metal cutting services features:

  • Integrated design services and automated product nesting software for quick programming
  • Increased work load capacity
  • No tooling costs, minimal setup – Fast job turnaround times
  • Maximum cutting thickness: 15mm mild steel, 6mm stainless steel, 4mm aluminium,
  • Maximum sheet size: 3000mm x 1500mm
  • Geometric part production with high precision dimensions, shapes and tolerances
  • Smooth surface finishes
  • Shuttle tables for continuous production

We can also apply a laser etching process to aluminium, mild and stainless steel for unique identification needs ideally suited to transport related products.