CNC Sheet Metal Folding

Sheet Metal Folding – CNC Press Brake Machinery

Metlink operates multiple CNC Press Brake folding machines which guarantee precision sheet metal folding and maximum production efficiency.

Metlink’s Sheet Metal Folding Capabilities

Our technologically advanced Press Brake machines in conjunction with out meticulous operators bend sheet metal and sheet metal components to accommodate a multitude of design profiles.

We guarantee to provide the highest efficiency and quality standards with our sheet metal folding service, and our feature machine, the LVD 7 Axis Press Brake Folder, with a 3000mm long capability and 120 ton capacity, is one of the most efficient CNC folding apparatus in the market today.

Our CNC-controlled folding operations have the capacity to set-up multiple tools on the brake press beam, eliminating downtime for tooling changes in a single-handed operation – such efficiencies in reduced machine operator handling times means further cost reductions being passed on to our customers.

At Metlink we hold an extensive range of Press Brake tools in stock allowing us to undertake unusual bending and folding operations and provide more cost effective and efficient production output for our customers’ projects.

Serviced and Maintained to the highest quality and safety standards our Brake Press Folding equipment provides efficient, accurate and consistent manufacturing with perfect results every time.