Our Back to Back Services

Metlink’s Back-To-Back Services

At Metlink, the order process is automated from commission to delivery – a truly back-to-back service.

We embrace lean manufacturing strategies to eliminate waste, improve efficiency and maintain quality in our everyday activities. 

Data Integration and Project Management

For both Metlink and its customers, full data integration throughout the company creates maximum operating efficiencies and support services that are second to none.

Starting at the design phase with the direct transfer of technical drawings and DXF files into our quality control systems, through to automatic nesting at the manufacturing stage, our cutting-edge data integration and management systems are the backbone of our workflow.

Our ‘real-time’ software operating systems and ‘ERPS’ Enterprise Response Planning Systems (ECIM1), provides our customers with timely and accurate progress updates on all orders; acknowledging the exact stage of production and logistical transport arrangements in place for the timely and speedy delivery of customer products, Australia-wide.

Health & Safety

We understand the unique requirements from a product, service and industry ‘working standards’ perspective. Our design, manufacturing and engineering excellence, end-to-end project experience, and commitment to safety, innovation and continuous improvement is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We have a proven track record in delivery quality controlled products, to exacting standards across mining, oil and gas, military, medical and construction industry sectors to name but a few.

Our practical, safe and effective working methods, combined with our meticulous service and maintenance schedules support your large, small and complex projects 24/7.

We are proud of our operating efficiencies, safety record and continuous efforts to deliver, reliable, productive and safe working environments for our staff and customer projects.