Our Lean and Automated Solutions

Metlink’s Lean and Automated Solutions

We have control over every stage of the design and manufacturing process – and this means we can guarantee we will maximize your productivity gains.

On any given day, our production schedules can range from high-volume, mass-production of sheet metal brackets for the construction industry, through to complex fully-welded assemblies on projects such as vehicles, mining equipment, leisure commodities, high-grade medical apparatus etc., all of which may require the use of multiple materials including stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium product components.


The ability of our software to automatically ‘nest’ similar product material types not only increases productivity, it eliminates waste and reduces multiple machine set-ups, achieving very short lead times on productivity runs, and ultimately reducing costs for our customers.

Our ‘Just-in-time’ product delivery schedules are also the best solutions for our clients in this highly competitive environment allowing clients to run more cost effective and reduced inventory volumes.