Our Resource and Manufacturing Process

Metlink’s Resource and Manufacturing Process

At Metlink, our innovative and fully integrated “design programming and production enterprise resource planning” processes, ensure a smooth workflow throughout our facility and rapid, accurate turnaround for our customers.

Our Meadowbrook facility on Brisbane’s Southside, is the critical link to product quality, system stability, and ultimate profitability for your sheet metal product.

Metlink’s 3800sqm state-of-the-art facility combines a strategic blend of robotically-controlled and high-tech equipment to deliver precise, streamlined and competitive sheet metal manufacturing across a range of mild steel, stainless and aluminium products – including specialized finishes.

Our purpose-built facility was designed with the foresight to accommodate a number of new-generation robotic machines such as the LVD V-Series CNC Turret Punch press. Our investments in innovative machinery have dramatically increased Metlink’s punching capabilities, reduced our manual handling processes and improved the speed and consistency of workmanship overall. Ultimately for our customers it has introduced a “Lights Out” or non-labour, “third shift” to the manufacturing process, which has improved turnaround times, increased overall workload capacity and ensured competitive pricing across our service offering.

Our portfolio of Services include