Reasons to Use Metal Scaffolds on Construction Sites

Metal Scaffolding is commonly used to provide safe access to high elevated areas, maintenance areas and repair facilities. Metal Scaffolding is also used in residential and commercial projects. Metal scaffolds allows workers to reach remote and high areas of any structure. Metal scaffold is the practical choice for workers who have to work on tall buildings and other structures that cannot be reached with ladders or wooden supports.

Metal scaffold consists of different elements that provide support, stability and protection to the working crew on a construction site. They also keep workers safe from injuries and accidents. There are many varieties of metal scaffolding available in the market.

These are the most common type of metal scaffolding. These are manufactured by using steel and wood material. The top of the frame is usually made of steel tube frame with cleated edges. The two sides of the box are made up of steel sheet and the base plate is also made of steel. Usually the worker sits at the end of the platform facing the direction of the wind and work instructions are provided by the company.

The third type is Metal Scaffolding with cleated side access. This type of metal scaffolding is popularly used by constructors to work on multi-storey buildings and offices. It provides safe work access for construction materials handling and is also easy to assemble and disassemble. It comes in different sizes, forms and models.

The metal scaffolding with cleated access also known as supported scaffold system is popularly used for construction purposes. Its structure is similar to that of the trellis scaffolds only it does not have the beams. The platforms or the stairs are cleated and so they provide a safe and convenient way to get from one level to another. It can support a weight of more than 400 kilograms.

Large buildings like sky scrapers are highly supported with this system because it is built of heavy duty aluminum tubes that are covered with thick layers of steel. It is widely used for large construction projects such as taller buildings, bridges and monuments. In addition to all these features it has the added feature of having secure lock and secure tie down straps that firmly hold the construction in place.

Overhead scaffolds are very much popular these days. It is made of a combination of steel and aluminum tube scaffolds. It can support loads of more than twenty ton. This type of metal scaffolding comes in several designs like traditional, classic, and modern. They are designed in such a way that it gives more flexibility to the designers and builders. In the construction field, the traditional design is widely used since it is light in weight and very portable.

On the other hand, the modern steel scaffold system is heavy in weight but very strong. At the same time, the aluminum scaffold system is made of light weight but is strong enough to carry heavy loads. Both types of scaffolds are widely used these days, both in construction and in industrial sites. The use of metal scaffolding in construction field is becoming a necessity rather than a choice.

Hong Kong is a perfect place for metal scaffolding. Construction in this area is quite frequent, with high building demands. Many construction companies in Hong Kong use bamboo scaffold systems because of its strength and portability feature. Although bamboo scaffolding is more expensive compared to other materials, its portability and strength make it perfect to be used by many construction companies.

One of the most popular metal scaffolding choice in construction is the aluminum supported scaffolding system. Its price is not as expensive as steel scaffolding and it is very easy to transport. It is used in residential and commercial construction. Since it is made from aluminum all over, it does not give off toxic or harmful gases during installation and operation. Its colorless glass allows easy visibility for the workers while they perform their job and even during periods of repair and maintenance.

There are two types of scaffolding parts made from metal and these are the horizontal tubes and the vertical tubes. The tubes provide protection to the workers from falling objects or heavy equipments and they are made up of various metal alloys like cadmium, chrome, iron and stainless steel. On the other hand, the vertical tubes are made of steel, aluminum or carbon fiber.

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