What Is the Difference Between Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding

Oct 18, 2021 Scaffolding

What exactly is commercial scaffolding? It consists of tents, steel beams, and columns that are utilized for temporarily supporting structures on a construction site. They can be utilized for virtually any building project, as they are adaptable to all types of architectural styles and designs. 

It is not uncommon to find them being used in residential neighbourhoods to support high ceilings or for ostentatious roofs, as well. A company that needs to erect a permanent structure for commercial purposes will most likely need to use commercial scaffolding in these instances.

What is it used for?

Commercial Scaffolding is primarily utilized to erect a portable platform to perform maintenance, repair, or conducting remodelling projects. These could include painting, roofing, waterproofing, repairs of the internal pipes, plumbing, chimneys, or any other such items. Scaffolding also makes for a safer environment because it offers an elevated position for workers and customers alike.

The use of scaffolding for domestic purposes is necessary for projects such as maintenance and repair of homes. It is common to hire an employee who has some knowledge of rigging or support beams. If there are no professionals available at your location to perform these repairs or renovations, you would not be able to complete the needed work and maintain the safety of your home. We recommend hiring professionals to make sure your project goes smoothly.


There are many safety features present in commercial scaffolding, which make this type of support very safe to use. One such safety feature is a scaffolding fall arrest system, commonly referred to as a DSAS. With this feature, if a scaffold falls on someone, the load will be evenly distributed so that the person will not suffer an injury. The maximum weight allowed to be placed on the apparatus is five hundred pounds. In addition, since commercial construction is higher than residential construction, it is also impossible for anyone to work alone on it.

Important Details

Commercial scaffolding is used in more commercial buildings than any other type of construction. These include office buildings, factories, warehouses, repair shops and schools. Since most commercial scaffolding is used on tall buildings, this makes it extremely important to purchase enough so that the entire project can be easily supported. A lack of scaffolding could cause significant damage.

There are many kinds of commercial scaffolding that can be used on different structures. They include the traditional wooden scaffolds, which are usually made from aluminium tubing and gypsum board. However, there are also steel scaffolds which have become widely used nowadays. They are not only used by construction companies, but by homeowners as well who want to use them to construct a building or add height to their home.

The cost of commercial scaffolding is considerably higher than that of a residential one, but it is more reliable and long-lasting. Residential scaffolding is not as durable as that used by commercial companies. As for commercial scaffolding, it lasts for years if properly maintained.

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